Friday, September 30, 2011

Algodão Não Engana

I'm now adopting a new type of post's in my blog! I'll talk about portuguese music news, and presenting some classic portuguese artists. My first will be about "O Algodão Não Engana" (in a raw translation "Cotton doesn't deceive") a new album from a well known artist here in Portugal, Carlos "Pacman" Nobre now solo. His former band was "Da Weasel" a band with huge success here in Portugal. It seems right, to start introducing a song from them, one of the most popular Re-Tratamento:


Now, that you know Da Weasel, let me talk to you about Pacman's album. You can find texts from day-to-day experience, as well as poems from Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of a famous portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. It's not a conventional album, it's spoken word so it's not for all type of persons, I'll give you that, but I'm sure that if you give it a try you'll like it. The instrumentals are very good. Let's stop the talk and give you some music, this is Poema Em Linha Recta (Poem on a straight line):

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  1. Love this knew "post type". I was big fan of Pacman's work in Da Weasel, but wasn´t following this new adventure of him.

    Pretty impressive his work on "O Algodão não engana"!

    Keep me amazed with Portuguese music ;)

  2. Thank you Frank. Keep following me, I'll have a post about Pacman's most recent album "Uma Falaciosa Noção de Intimidade”


  3. Porreiro meteres a cena em inglês. Continua

    Margem Sul